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Community Partners

Our many community partners are at the heart of our work. They include agencies, schools, and parishes. They provide students, in connection with their SCU coursework, the opportunity to contribute to partners’ work in the community and to interact face-to-face with their clients so as to learn from the unique challenges they encounter. This beneficial partnership between the University and our community partners places the concern for justice firmly within the University’s curriculum.

Since its inception in 1986, our partnerships have grown from eight community organizations involving fewer than 100 students in 10 academic courses to almost 60 community partners throughout Santa Clara County who receive nearly 1,200 students each year who learn with them through community engagement. Read about our current community partners by clicking on the links below.

Click on the address to see location on a map. 

Alma Senior Center is a program of the City of San Jose, and serves over sixty seniors Monday to Friday in the hot meal lunch program. At the Center, seniors gather for group activities and a healthy meal. .Located south of downtown San Jose, the Center is in an area populated largely by the working poor. The seniors, majority Spanish speakers, live independently at home and are between the ages of 60-99 years young.
SCU students greet seniors as they arrive to the center, engage in conversations in either English or Spanish and serve food in the nutrition program. Students are also asked to attend one event in the quarter, which usually involves the monthly birthday dances.

Hearts & Minds Activity Center provides programs and support services for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other related conditions.  Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological condition that causes progressive intellectual decline and memory loss.  The center offers a sense of community where respect, dignity and personal growth are priorities.  Adult day care includes activities that enhance the use of cognitive skills; stimulate interaction on personal & group levels; encourage mobility & stability; provide monitoring & assistance in the areas of nutrition and personal hygiene. 
SCU students interact with clients and assist trained staff members with therapeutic activities such as playing cards, board games, arts and crafts, etc. Students are encouraged to share their own talents and hobbies.
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last 12 months. Strict Dress Code - No Jeans, No Shorts, No Mini Skirts, No Tank Tops, No Tops showing midriffs, No Sandals or Flip-Flops.

Believers In Christ is a non-profit, faith-based organization working to meet the immediate need of hunger for folks living in or near downtown San Jose. Guests range through all ages, genders, and races, and some individuals may be staying in housing, shelters, or living on the streets. No faith profession or participation is required and all beliefs are welcome to receive a hot meal and a warm smile. 

SCU students engage with guests by standing with them in line, getting a plate of food, and sitting at a table. Conversations are encouraged and welcome but sometimes just being present is enough. Occasionally students will be asked to serve the meal if additional help is needed. 
Required: Dressing in a conservative manner (no spaghetti-strap tank tops, strapless tops, tight leggings, shorts and skirts/dresses are ok if they are knee-length or longer).

Hoover Middle School Site (High School and Middle School Programs)


Franklin/McKinley Site (High School)


Bridges Academy Site (Middle School)


Program serves academically motivated students at middle and high schools in San Jose prepare for college. SCU students provide individual high school tutoring in primary areas of Math and Science, as well as serve as role models.

Gardner Garden: Washington Garden Club: The Forge Garden:


Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG) is an environmental justice initiative of the Environmental Studies Institute at Santa Clara University. BUG increases community food security, health, and environmental literacy through the co-creating and technical support of urban gardens.
SCU students at Gardner Garden and Washington Garden Club assist with a garden-based afterschool program for children in grades K-5. Engagement includes setting up activities for the day, independently leading a lesson or activity with small groups of students, and managing children’s classroom behavior. An interest and/or experience in gardening, nutrition, kids and sustainability is encouraged. 
SCU students at The Forge assist with a garden-based program that engages children connected to Homesafe, a transitional housing facility for families affected by domestic violence. 
Required: Fingerprint background check and TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

Buchser Middle School is dedicated to creating contributing citizens who are life-long learners. 6-8th grade students - ethnically balanced with approximately 30% Hispanic, 15% Asian, and 45% Caucasian 
The focus at Buchser is on mutual respect, acceptance of diversity, and shared responsibility with an active, enriching curriculum that is equally accessible to all students and one that provides lifelong learning skills, as well as a successful transition between elementary grades and high school. 
SCU students assist teachers in general or special ed classrooms by working with Buchser students individually or in groups to support classroom lessons. 
Required: TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

Cabrillo Middle School is committed to providing students with a flexible and creative instructional program that employs sound educational practices supported by mutual respect, the acceptance of diversity, and the shared responsibility of school, home and community. 6th-8th grade students - culturally diverse with almost 1/3 of students receiving free or reduced price lunches, approximately 10% receiving support from special education services, and about 25% are being educated in a language other than the one native to their homes.
SCU students serve as aides in various classroom settings:
  • Special Ed - assist students with a range of mild to moderate learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD, autism spectrum disorders) and some physical disabilities 
  • General Ed - assist students individually or in groups to support classroom lessons 
  • AVID - assist students with inquiry-based methods of tutoring 

Required: TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

Begun in San Jose, in 1986, Young Life Capernaum Ministries is a program of Young Life especially for kids and young adults with disabilities. Young people with disabilities — like their able-bodied peers — have hopes and dreams, needs and fears; but, many of them feel isolated and have no one to share their struggles with and no one to encourage them and help them be all God designed them to be. Young Life Capernaum helps fill the void many of these young people face. Capernaum gives kids and young adults with disabilities the chance to have fun, make friends, develop self-esteem and begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Capernaum Clubs are full of social, emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences. Capernaum in San Jose offers a range of opportunities to have an amazing time with friends at Club meetings, special events, community outings, summer camp trips, and more! Teens and young adults develop lasting friendships with each other and Capernaum Leaders, who are interested in and care about each of the members. 
SCU students serve as club leaders to teenagers in the high school club or socialize with young adults in their “church” community and become part of a peer social outlet.

Based on CET’s philosophy of self-determination, the Immigration and Citizenship Programs (ICP) mission is to provide quality immigration and citizenship services and promote and strengthen civic involvement among the immigrant population. CET supports low-income and hardworking immigrants in obtaining free citizenship classes and low-cost legal services. Support services include application assistance, and legal consultations and representation primarily in Santa Clara County. 
SCU students help citizenship students to achieve their goals by helping them prepare for their citizenship interviews. Typical responsibilities include helping in the tutoring lab by reviewing lectures, playing games which involve memorizing answers, and reviewing the day’s coursework.

CET is an economic and community development corporation. Its mission is to promote human development and education by training people in marketable skills while providing the supportive services that contribute to self-sufficiency. It is dedicated to fighting poverty and dependence on public aid by making quality skill training available to adults of all educational levels and backgrounds, especially those most in need and hardest to serve. It serves an ethnically diverse population. CET students come from many backgrounds and needs, including displaced workers, unemployed youth, refugees and immigrants, homeless, and veterans, among others. 
CET Sobrato provides hands on vocational skill training, along with life skills and human development. 
SCU students provide one-to-one tutoring—assisting the adult learners with reading comprehension, business writing/grammar review, and study skills—or working in the classroom as a classroom aide.

一道本不卡免费高清CORAL at Washington Elementary: CORAL at Empire Gardens Elementary:

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County serves and advocates for families and individuals in need, especially those living in poverty. Rooted in gospel values, we work to create a more just and compassionate community in which people of all cultures and beliefs can participate. 
The Youth and Family Services division concentrates its efforts on children, teens, and young adults at high risk of gang involvement, truancy, delinquency and incarceration. We work to change the lives and prospects of children, youth and their families by providing support and opportunities that specifically address barriers that prevent them from thriving, succeeding and reaching their full potential. 
SCU students work in the classroom providing individual or group literacy tutoring and provide arts and craft activity and/or a sports/team game activity in the CORAL Program for K-5th grade students. 
Required: Fingerprint background check and negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last 6 months.


一道本不卡免费高清The College of Adaptive Arts is building a college of the arts for students with disabilities. Students ages 18+ can take an individual class for a 3-unit certificate, or can enroll in a particular course of study and complete a 60-unit articulated curriculum. The College of Adaptive Arts is an institution of lifelong learners, so once the undergraduate course of study is completed, students are welcome and encouraged to return to enroll in a graduate program designed to get them more engaged and partnered in the community.

The mission of College of Adaptive Arts is to build an innovative college of the arts for students with disabilities. To provide an environment where our students can flourish and thrive and continue to push the boundaries of their potential.

Vision: Empowering the student body to creatively transform the way the world views individuals with disabilities. CAA creates successful contributing citizens through the arts.

一道本不卡免费高清SCU students will serve as in-class support, tutoring and assisting instruction in classes ranging from music video production and recording, classic and contemporary dance, concert choir and poetry.

Required: TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted)


The Community Law Center educates law students in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards by serving individuals and communities in need with competence, conscience and compassion through pro bono legal representation and education.  
Poverty-stricken minorities and immigrants from many countries throughout the world make up the vast majority of clients of the KGACLC, which is the civil clinical component of the Santa Clara University School of Law. Provides pro bono advice and representation in several areas, including consumer law, immigration law and workers' rights. 
SCU students must have verbal and written fluency in Spanish (native speakers preferred) to serve as interpreters for clients and law students during clinic interviews.

Cristo Rey is a Jesuit, Catholic high school that empowers students from underserved communities in San José to be men and women for others who are prepared spiritually, academically, and professionally to complete college and who will become accomplished leaders committed to a lifelong pursuit of learning, faith, and justice. It serves an ethnically diverse population with a majority of Latinos, followed by Asians (especially Vietnamese and Filipino). 
Cristo Rey Students work one day a week for companies and non-profits to offset their tuition costs. More importantly, students gain real life experience to help motivate them to be successful. Cristo Rey San Jose seeks to improve on an already successful model by adapting instruction to personalize education for all students through the use of cutting edge technology.   
SCU students work as tutors in the classroom or in after school tutoring in small groups or working with individuals under the supervision of the classroom teacher. SCU students also serve as role models to the high school students, many of whom have not known college students in their personal lives.

The Day Worker Center of Mountain View connects workers and employers in a safe and supportive environment. The Center empower workers to improve their socio-economic condition through fair employment, education, and job skills training, and encourage participation in advocacy efforts that support the day laborer community. The Center offers English classes, computer education, and a GED program, all with the hope that through learning, workers can gain more skills and more effectively integrate into the United States.
SCU students work as tutors in the English as a Second Language classes (ESL). ESL classes focus on basic literacy, grammar, conversation and vocabulary. Intermediate-level Spanish is helpful in working with the community and assisting in the ESL and Computer education classes.

Escuela Popular family learning center builds on the student’s social, linguistic, and cultural strengths with the intent to develop bilingual, bi-cultural students fully prepared to continue on to higher education and empowered to pursue their stated goals. Escuela Popular is a high school for students 19 and under and adults whose primary language is Spanish. 
SCU students engage as tutors in class to either small group or individual tutoring. SCU students will tutor in basic math (geometry/algebra) and reading and writing, with the focus on sharing study skills and learning process rather than providing answers. SCU students will be looked upon as role models and are expected to show a level of maturity and responsibility. 
Required: Fingerprint background check and TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

The ESL program is designed for non-native speakers of English, focusing on communication skills (writing and listening/ speaking), life skills and cultural understanding, which the ESL student needs in order to participate and contribute more fully in the community, workplace, and schools of their children.

一道本不卡免费高清SCU students interact with the ESL students to help them achieve their goals by working as instructional classroom aides working in small groups or in a one-to-one setting.

Required: TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).


The mission of Estrella Family services is to ensure equal access to family services that enhance youth development to build the foundation for a lifetime of success. Estrella provides full-day childcare for infants and toddlers, and before- and after-school care for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Most of the families served by Estrella at the Gardner site are low-income and part of the Latino community. 
SCU students engagement includes working with preschool or school aged children either in the morning or afternoon on academically related activities, arts and crafts, and playground activities. SCU students are encouraged to listen to and interact with the children in a manner that creates mutual respect, trust, and that allows for the SCU and Estrella students to learn from one another. 
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last year. For pre-k need copy of immunization records for MMR, DTaP, and Flu.

Focus for Work is a program of the Behavioral Health Services of Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. It serves a client population that has a mental illness diagnosis who are referred to them by the Department of Rehabilitation and the Santa Clara County Department of Mental Health. Focus for Work provides vocational assessment, job readiness, job development and placement, as well as job coaching and support. 
SCU students work side-by-side with clients, assisting them with resume writing, completing applications, and other job search and prep activities. 
Required: Fingerprint background check and negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last 3 months.

Front Door Communities, formerly a mission of the First Presbyterian Church, is comprised of the morning Bag Lunch Program and the afternoon Women’s Drop-In Program, known as Lifted Spirits. In the late 2000s, the church began a Front Door program to pack and give away lunches to whomever came asking for food. Today they give out approximately 600 lunches each week.

The Women’s Drop-in Center, known as “Lifted Spirits,” gives up to 30 homeless women respite from the streets three afternoons a week. It provides a safe community for women, warm meals, sofas to take naps, toiletries and clothing, a washer and a dryer, music, activities, and open hearts and ears to support.

一道本不卡免费高清SCU students engage with the community as they serve brown bag lunches or work with the ‘Lifted Spirits’ women in the clothing boutique.  SCU students must be proactive to engage in conversations, offering smiles and support.

The GED and High School Diploma Programs are designed to be welcoming to students. Instructors work to establish a safe and supportive environment. Each student receives assignments that are selected to further his/her goal. A wide range of written and computer based materials are available and the majority of the instruction is one-on-one. The subjects taught include math (basic math – algebra), reading, writing, science, and/or social studies. 
SCU serve as an instructional classroom aides to adult students preparing for the GED examination or working towards an adult high school diploma. 
Required: TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

Grail Family Services partners with families to create strong starts for their young children through quality, results-oriented programs and services. Grail creates a Strong Start for children from birth by offering direct services to children, working with parents to support their children, and training providers who work with children and parents.

SCU students work in one of two programs at Grail. They support the ESL (English as a Second Language) program by working one-on-one and in conversational groups. They can also choose to work in the state-funded preschool program in academically related areas, arts and crafts, and playground time.

Required: Fingerprint background check and TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

The vision of The Health Trust is to make Silicon Valley the healthiest region in America—a place where every resident can achieve optimal health throughout their lifetime, no matter their background, income, race, ethnicity or age. They believe that health care does not just take place in a doctor’s office and clinic or hospital. For everyone to achieve optimal health, the community itself must become a place that supports the health of all its residents. 
SCU students support both the Meals on Wheels and Jerry Larson Food Basket programs. For Meals on Wheels students pack nutritious meals and prepare the food baskets that will be delivered to clients by the Volunteer Meal Delivery Drivers each day. Additionally, students ride-along with a driver to deliver meals to homebound seniors and adults. For the Jerry Larson Food Basket students set up a grocery store and assist clients with their food choices. The Food Basket supplies their AIDS Services, Meals On Wheels and Family Resource Center clients with the fresh and nutritious food needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

一道本不卡免费高清Senior Center: Work Center:

HOPE Services provides comprehensive services to more than 2,500 children, adults and seniors with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, mental retardation, Down’s syndrome and other related conditions. The mission is Helping people with developmental disabilities be valued and participating members of their communities. Services: Delivers a range of employment and job training programs, developmental activities, professional counseling, children's services, senior services, community living services and mobility training 
SCU students engage with physically and developmentally disabled seniors in leisure activities such as arts, crafts, music, dance and cooking or assist adult clients to increase their work and social skills to foster community integration. 
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last 12 months. Fingerprint background check for Senior Center only.


San Jose Unified School District’s mission is to eliminate the opportunity gap and provide every student with the finest 21st century education. 
SCU students engage as tutors in the classroom in small groups or individually with students under the supervision of the classroom teacher. SCU students serve as role models to the students, many of whom have not known college students in their personal lives. 
Required: Fingerprint background check and TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

Independence Network, a program of the Santa Clara Unified School District Adults with Disabilities Program, focuses on developmentally disabled adults. Independence Network offers classes in life skills for students with developmental disabilities who reside at home or at community care homes in Santa Clara County. The goals of this program are: to provide access to normal patterns of life through building social, vocational, domestic, consumer and leisure skills, to assist students in reaching maximum independence, and to provide critical life skills training in a community integrated setting. 
SCU students serve as coaches by helping students in small groups learn how to be independent through conversations and activities, under the supervision of the teacher and/or instructional aides. Must be comfortable interacting with physically and developmentally disabled adults in an unstructured environment. 
TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

LifeMoves | Julian Street Inn provides emergency and transitional housing for adults working to overcome homelessness and mental illness.
Julian Street Inn is a 73 bed homeless shelter providing emergency and short term housing for the seriously mentally ill (SMI) homeless population of Santa Clara County. Approximately, two-thirds of the residents are men and one-third are women. A client may live at the shelter for approximately 90 days based on need, as well as program participation. Every attempt is made to make the program at JSI a clean and sober one and provide the seriously mentally ill, as well as the dual-diagnosed client with support services, shelter, three meals a day and showers after having been incarcerated homeless and living on the street or in a car. Clients are assigned a case manager to assist with referrals, benefits applications, links to community support services, and with addressing individual treatment needs. 
SCU students engage with clients one-to-one and in structured group settings.
Required: There is a strict dress code (no tank tops, strapless tops, tight leggings, or shorts of any length).

Martha’s Kitchen mission is to feed the hungry with dignity: No questions asked. It serves an ethnically diverse population. Most clients who come for meals are unemployed, homeless or families. Martha’s Kitchen prepares hot meals on-site, and also sends out 160,000 hot and cold meals annually to a dozen other non-profit organizations in Santa Clara county. 
SCU students engage with the community as they serve meals, pour drinks, take signatures, clean up, help prepare for the meals or any combination thereof. SCU students must be proactive to engage in conversations, and smile with all the many clients and volunteers.

Required: There is a strict dress code (no tank tops, strapless tops, tight leggings, or shorts of any length).

The Mayfair Community Center, located in the Mayfair neighborhood of East San Josè, provides a wide variety of programs for people of all ages and abilities, including San Jose Recreational Preschool, leisure, health and wellness classes, youth summer camps, and an afterschool program.

一道本不卡免费高清The Senior Nutrition Program serves seniors who are predominantly Latino and are mainly Spanish speaking. The program offers seniors daily socialization, recreation, and nutrition. SCU students socialize with the seniors through conversations, or enjoying leisure activities, such as loteria, bingo, or pool. SCU students may also assist in the nutrition program by serving lunch if needed.

Mission Skilled is a 132 resident nursing facility serving an ethnically diverse population with about 75% of the residents on Medi-Cal or Medicare. Services include Skilled Nursing Care 24 Hours a Day, Short and Longterm Care, Rehabilitation Services (physical, occupational, & speech therapies), Activity Programs and Family Support Groups, Safe and Comfortable Environment, and Respite Care Programs. 
SCU students engage with residents in an assortment of therapeutic and leisure activities (individual or small groups) Bilingual speakers, especially in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Filipino dialects are welcomed. 
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) within the last 6 months.

一道本不卡免费高清Morgan Autism Center 

The Morgan Autism Center Model mines the best techniques from multiple developmental and educational models and applies them to the individual needs of the students. The result is a nurturing, joyful environment that focuses on constant program optimization to deliver greater opportunities for success. Our mission is to help children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities maximize their potential in a dignified, positive and loving environment.  
SCU students work with professional staff in the Adult Program to assist with activities that improve the independent living and vocational skills of the adult participants. 
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last year.

Located near Japantown in San Jose, Northside Community Center | Art and Wellness Program serves adults with serious and persistent mental illness and developmental disabilities throughout Santa Clara County. Grace offers services and activities that promote social adjustment and interpersonal relationships, strengthen emotional maturity and psychological stability, improve community living skills and communication skills, heighten personal and healthcare awareness, and develop creative potential and skill in a variety of activities.  
SCU students interact with clients by participating in therapeutic recreational activities such as aerobics, art, music, and bingo.

Ocala middle school is one of six middle schools in Alum Rock Union School District in San Jose. The AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, program aims to support and inspire students to go to college. The school serves an ethnically diverse population with over 650 students. 
AVID provides academic support and is designed to teach the students the skills they need and give them the support they require, not only to be accepted into a college, but to successfully complete their degree. Students take AVID as an elective class that teaches the skills of note taking, organization, study, writing, critical thinking, group work, and many other skills they will need to succeed in their other rigorous classes. 
SCU students work as tutors in the classroom in small groups under the supervision of the classroom teacher. SCU students also serve as role models to the middle school students, many of whom have not known college students in their personal lives. SCU students will be trained in inquiry based methods of tutoring to help the Ocala students find the answers using their own intelligence instead of simply giving them the answers. 
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last 6 months.

Pacific Autism Center for Education provides high quality programs for individuals with autism and associated development disabilities living in the San Francisco Bay Area. These programs include Behavioral Services, PACE School and Preschool, and Residential Homes. Our mission is to enhance the lives of people impacted by autism, through innovation, exceptional education and compassionate care.
SCU students work hands on in our Sunny Days Preschool to help support each child’s emerging communication and learning skills.
Required: Fingerprint background check and Negative tuberculosis (TB) within the last year.

Valley Palms: Orchard Glen: Charter Court: 
Villa Monterey: 

The seniors and families served by Project Access are “low-income”– that is, with incomes at or below 60% of the area median; and a substantial number are “very low-income” – often with incomes below $10,000 per year. Project Access runs resource centers at more than 40 low-income properties throughout California. 
Project Access works with affordable housing developers/owners in a partial fee-for-service relationship to bring free services to residents and in some cases, those living within the overall community. This partial financial commitment and in-kind donation of space allows Project Access to bring additional resources together to develop comprehensive programs at our Resource Centers. Project Access’ bilingual Service Coordinators offer a variety of programs and services to address individual and community needs. 
SCU students interact with school-age children in an after-school program by tutoring and assisting with fun activities. 
Required: Fingerprint background check.

The mission of Sacred Heart Community Service is to build a community free from poverty by creating hope, opportunity, and action. They provide essential services, empower people to improve their lives, advocate for justice, and inspire volunteers to love, serve, and share. 
Through the education programs at Sacred Heart, SCU students assist teachers to prepare children ages 3-5 for kindergarten through acquisition of socialization and pre-literacy skills in English and Spanish during Circle Time, arts and crafts, music, and supervised play. SCU students mentor and tutor in an after-school tutoring program that provides academic assistance and enrichment activities to students in grades 1-8. 
In the Clothes Closet and Food Pantry programs, students organize, distribute and assist customers. 
Required: For education programs - Fingerprint background check and TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).


The Education Center opened in 1997 to serve the members of Sacred Heart Parish and was founded and developed through the hard work of members of Sacred Heart Parish, PACT, and Universitarios del Corazón, a group of college graduates and current college students from this community who worked together to encourage and promote higher education to the children and parents. 40-50 children attend the Homework Center each week for tutoring and reading. The children range from elementary to middle school, many of whom are bilingual Spanish/English speakers. The Center also assists the parents of the children, as well as catechists from the Sacred Heart Parish, in an ESL program. 
SCU students assist children with their homework and other academic review lessons. SCU students become role models for these children, many of whom are from families where college is an unknown experience. 
In the ESL Program, SCU students assist adults in individual or small group conversations. Students also assist ESL instructor with lessons and small group activities. SCU students must be patient as they assist adult learners in feeling comfortable in practicing the language. Spanish is not necessary for participation in this program. 
Required: Fingerprint background check and Shield the Vulnerable (on-line training) for Homework Program only.

一道本不卡免费高清Inspired by the Vincentian spirit, Saint Patrick Catholic School provides a strong academic, spiritual and moral foundation in a safe and nurturing environment within a community that celebrates its diversity. SCU students serve as homework tutors in the after-school program. Homework tutors help school aged children (K-8) with their homework in a range of subjects – reading, writing, math, social science, and science. Tutors also foster student’s abilities to succeed in school by helping them build confidence and skills necessary to complete their homework assignments.

Required: Fingerprint background check and Safe Environment Online Training

Located on the eastern edge of downtown San Jose, San Jose Day is in one of the county’s lowest income and most diverse neighborhoods. The rich diversity of the children and staff provides an enriched learning environment that promotes respect and understanding for others with cultural, economic, language, gender, ethnic, and physical differences at a time when the values and behaviors of young children are forming. Services include child care for 112 children ages six weeks through five years old, parent education and support, in-community student placements. 
SCU students actively engage with the preschool children (ages 2- years) either on the playground or indoors, in small group activities or on a one-to-one basis. Students with particular talents or skills are encouraged to share them with the children. 
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last 6 months and copy of immunization records for MMR, DTaP, and Flu.

East San Jose Carnegie Branch Library


Hillview Branch Library


East San José Carnegie Library is the oldest branch in the San Jose Public Library system, it was built in 1908 and became a part of the system in 1911 when the City of East San José was annexed by San Jose. East SJ Carnegie offers a variety of programming for people of all ages, including Bilingual Storytime, One on One Computer Help, and an ESL Conversation Club. Their programs are run by passionate and committed volunteers from the community.

一道本不卡免费高清The Hillview Branch Library, which has served East San José since 1965, provides educational resources and recreational opportunities serving the needs and interests of a culturally diverse community. Hillview Branch is situated next to Fischer Middle School and a few blocks from the Hank Lopez Community Center.

SCU students serve as homework club coaches or tech mentors. Homework coaches help local school aged children (K-8) with their homework in a range of subjects – reading, writing, math, social science, and science.  Coaches also foster student’s abilities to succeed in school by helping them build confidence and skills necessary to complete their homework assignments.

Required: Fingerprint background check.

Santa Clara High is committed to educate a diverse population which consists of nearly 1900 students. Predominant languages are English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Punjabi and Tagalog. Approximately 11% of students participate in AVID and 14% are English language learners. AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness system for elementary through higher education that is designed to increase school wide learning and performance. The AVID College Readiness System (ACRS) accelerates student learning, uses research based methods of effective instruction, provides meaningful and motivational professional learning, and acts as a catalyst for systemic reform and change. 
SCU students are trained in inquiry-based methods of tutoring to assist AVID students in the classroom under the supervision of a teacher. Math (algebra - pre-calc) tutors and those who are bilingual in Spanish or Tagalog are especially needed. 
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last 12 months.

一道本不卡免费高清Santa Maria Urban Ministry was founded in 1983 to provide emergency food to the needy residents of downtown San Jose, California. An outreach ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real, Santa Maria has featured a food pantry for over 30 years and offers educational and targeted programs to promote permanent, uplifting transformation.

一道本不卡免费高清Santa Maria Urban Ministry's mission is to provide our community with a safe, welcoming place for basic services that meet short-term needs and to promote permanent, uplifting transformation for client families through education, service and targeted programs.

SCU students will engage with the community through the After-School STUDIO Program tutoring and mentoring elementary through middle school students.

Required: Background check, and on-line video training for mandatory reporting

Scott Lane Elementary is a public K-5 school in the Santa Clara Unified School District with a richly diverse population. Students, families and staff combined at the school speak over 17 languages. About 76% of the students are English learners and about 90% of the children are eligible for free or reduced lunches. Scott Lane specializes in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students. A K-5 Transitional Maintenance Bilingual Program is offered to prepare students to be academically and socially successful in English and Spanish and fosters pride and respect for cultural and linguistic differences. 
SCU assist teachers in the classroom as aides. Placement times that overlap with recess provides SCU students an opportunity to interact with the children in a less structured setting. Spanish is predominantly used in bilingual classrooms. 
Required: For education programs - Fingerprint background check and TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted). For pre-k need copy of immunization records for MMR, DTaP, and Flu.

Skills Plus is a Santa Clara Unified School District program of education and training for survivors of stroke and other neurological impairments. 
The program is designed to enhance self-esteem, increase independence, and preserve and improve functional skills. The activities are tailored to meet the specific needs of each Skills Plus student. This program is designed to complement, not replace the benefits of traditional rehabilitation or therapy. Education and training is provided in a classroom setting. 
SCU students serve as classroom aides, assisting instructors who teach independent living, mobility, communication skills, and computers. SCU student assist with classroom set-up and clean-up, as well as interacting with the stroke survivors one-on-one—helping with exercises, adapted activities or with the computer. There are approximately ten Skills Plus students in each class. 
Required: TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

San Jose Unified School District’s mission is to eliminate the opportunity gap and provide every student with the finest 21st century education. 
SCU students engage as tutors in the classroom in small groups or individually with students under the supervision of the classroom teacher. SCU students serve as role models to the students, many of whom have not known college students in their personal lives. 
Required: Fingerprint background check and TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

The purpose of Wilcox High School is to educate, empower, and enable all students to become caring, contributing citizens who can succeed in an ever-changing world. Wilcox High School is committed to focusing on high expectations and individual academic success and to creating a community of respect and responsibility. 

一道本不卡免费高清SCU students serve as aides in EL (English Learner) Academic Support classrooms.

Required: TB clearance (TB Risk Assessment Form accepted).

A nonprofit senior center located in Japantown San Jose, Yu-Ai Kai is committed to serving seniors with an array of activities, programs and services. The programs and services at Yu-Ai Kai are designed to provide recreational, educational, and social outlets for independent seniors: a well-balanced senior day care program, a nutritious lunch service, social services, and a variety of classes, activities and trips for seniors, designed around a Healthy Aging Initiative. 
SCU students interact with seniors by assisting with group activities (i.e. bingo, scrabble, knitting, crafts) and sharing personal talents. English and Japanese are predominantly spoken. Japanese is helpful but not required. 
Required: Negative tuberculosis (TB) test within the last year.
Community Partner Resources

The Ignatian Center will entertain expansion of community partners in a limited way based on the following criteria:

  • Community organization offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates not currently offered through existing community partners

  • Community organization offers a learning experience that is in great demand for academic courses and helps address an unmet need for student learning

  • 一道本不卡免费高清Community organization could be a strategic partner due to its location (e.g. within the place-based initiative geographic area), relationship with the broader university, or social issue it addresses